Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wide open spaces.....

We've been super busy over here, there's some big changes on the horizon so things might be a bit quiet on the blog front, but I'll try to take pics and upload when I can. Here's a few from this last week.....

Hope everyone is having a peaceful week!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Work weekend wrap up

I had a mysterious illness the last 2 days, I'm chalking it up to dehydration, & am feeling better now :)
Anywho, here's a recap of the weekend. 

Ava and Hunter, Hunter, Finn, snippets from work, next week's dinners, herbs

I'll try to be more on top of posts for next week including some recipes I'm pretty amped for!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Work weekend wrap up

Dinner w/ fluffy friends, how does pool work again?, rare sharing moment, lil mama!, building Lego cars, fave coffe spot!, have a great week, everyone!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Outdoor space update

We have had some pretty nice weather! Last weekend was super sunny and beautiful, and Monday was the nicest day for sure. Tuesday the clouds rolled in and it's been partly cloudy with rain showers and patchy sun. So, needless to say, not consistent sun for 12-14 hours a day, therefore, my seedlings are growing, but very slowly.

I will transplant them when they get their second set of leaves.
We also have another box ready for some shade loving plants!! I'm excited to try some lettuces and Chinese cabbages as well as cilantro!

(Bad photo patch, sorry!!)
This is basically our back patio space. Valentine's Day flower still going strong!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Twin meals and kid dinner/grown up dinner

So, I've been doing some kid meal updates the last couple weeks, but I've decided to do something a little different. The babes' breakfast and lunch is pretty much variations on the same theme, but as far as dinner is concerned, I've decided to model their dinners after our dinners so that it will be 1) easier than making two different meals 2) keep me on track meal-wise and 3) get them on the same track with us so that they can transition to what we're eating easier in the future.
So, in light of this, here's what they've been eating for breakfast--

Top: eggs, peaches, maple toast; bottom: eggs, banana, orange segments 

Here's a typical lunch--

Top: toasted cheese sandwich, banana; bottom: peanut butter and honey sandwich, banana chips, grapes

For dinner the last few days the boys have tried a few new things, here's what we had for dinner:

Kid dinner: salmon burger, Apple, sautéed chickpeas and kale; Adult dinner: salmon burger with pan fried capers and sautéed chickpeas w/ kale

Recipe here: I didn't make the salmon as directed, I baked salmon burgers and then pan finished them (it's what we had! :)) but everything else I made as directed. Delish! 

Kid dinner: pasta w/ butter, banana slices, peas and corn; Adult dinner: sautéed scallops and veggies w/ Thai noodles

Recipe here: Thai noodles--  (no toppings or veggies, just noodles and the sauce)
Scallops-- (I used white onions, and no red bell pepper, I also used sardines instead of anchovies. Finally, I replaced parsley with cilantro and added sesame seeds)

Kid dinner: baked chicken, sweet potatoes and peas; Adult dinner: baked drumsticks, baked broccoli w/ Parmesan and baked sweet potato w/ garlic and Parmesan.

Kid dinner: cheese quesadilla, apples, peas; Adult dinner: cheese quesadilla w/ pica de gallo and beans w/ Spanish rice

Rice-- (I used tomatoes instead of sauce, and added cilantro)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday, Gymboree, buddies and development

We went to our first level 3 Gymboree class today! The focus was on socialization, we're good at that! They were super comfortable and did really well, so I think we'll stick with it. Hunter dove right in during busy box time and Finn danced and danced! Of course, I forgot to take pics (BAD!) 
We went the scenic route to pick up Ava from school for auntie Jillian this afternoon. We had much fun with Ava and auntie Jillian and the munchies took a lil nap in the car on the way home. daddy gave them a bath after dinner and went pretty much right to sleep. 
More pics next time!!

Tuesday: Craft Day!

I've been wanting to cover some containers so they were more neutral I color and less advertise-ey, I hand painted one, and covered one with sparkly ribbon and hand made bows. I like how they turned out kind of abstract and gaudy, but in a good way 😉