Thursday, March 31, 2011

my favorite part of spring

So, let it be known, Summer is my favorite season up here in the stage left corner of the US. Spring is usually cold, rainy, windy and sometimes snowy.  However, my favorite part of spring is seeing all the new plant growth, especially flowers! Tulip trees are one of my faves, and I saw one just starting to bloom on my walk to work this morning
 so pretty!!
I also love gifts, I mean, who doesn't? Gifts of clothing can be tricky but when executed precisely, it can be wonderful, which brings me to my jacket today! Jared bought it for me when he was in Europe with Menomena a few years back, and I absolutely love it. It's 3/4 sleeve, burnt orange and has a sort of hippyish flowered trim complete with ties in the front and at the end of the sleeves at the elbow. since it has a unique color, I don't get to wear it much, but I try to work it in whenever I can, and the weather permits (lol)

 jacket: numph, dress and leggings: forever 21, belt: j crew, shoes: Calvin Klein

The boy definitely loves clapping now! It's his new favorite thing, although, he won't do it on command, yet, much to our chagrin ;) It's very serious business to him...

Now we're working on waving, need to get that one down!
I think he's starting to pick up on the fact that solids (baby food) will satiate his hunger as much as a bottle, so he's going along with it a lot more readily. Actual solids on the other hand.... not so much. here's a pic of him having just passed his teething biscuit off to Stella...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

blustery and grey

That pretty much sums up the weather right now. perfect for layers, but my closet is bursting at the seams, and yet, I feel like I have nothing to wear! I seriously need to rein in the ebay shopping, and I'm so ready for a sunny day off so I can go through all my clothes in storage and edit back a little, but not just yet.
I wore one of my favorite blazers today! it's this great jewel tone blue, velveteen number. I have a few items that I love building outfits around, and this was the day for this piece.
 blouse: Alice Temperly for Target, blazer:  Erin Featherston for Target, Jeans: Hudson

The boy clapped for the first time today! He was napping when I arrived this morning, but his momma showed me a video she took of the big event! It's funny how once kids learn something, it's their new favorite thing, he's been clapping all day! Yay for everything! ;)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy hard workin weekend!

Jared and I (with Abbey's help of course) moved all of our strawberries to the Lincoln property this weekend! We are in the process of moving out of the property on Hwy 3 that we have tended for the last 4 seasons and will be focusing on just the one property over on Lincoln in Poulsbo, WA. All of the chickens and remaining ducks are over there, and now that the strawberries are out, that just leaves the sunchokes! Then we have to move the bird houses and remaining fencing and we're outta there! We hope to have all of this complete before Jared has to be in Seattle for a couple of the band rehersals in two weeks, so we'll see....
Here's the husband, hard at work!!
 here's what a truck load of strawberries looks like... we had 2 by the way...
 here's a few more, see I work too!!

It was sunny most of the day on Saturday, and rained most of the day on Sunday, but we got it done! I think that it would be realistic to say that there are close to 1000 plants that we moved. (we originally planted 300 2 years ago, and we kinda just let them go.... until now) I'm so looking forward to fresh strawberries!!!  Abbey was a very good girl too, she had fun chasing the chickens around and was very respectful of the bashful ducks. (one was nabbed by a bald eagle last weekend, we scared the eagle away just in time, and it only got her leg, so she's mostly hanging out in the chicken tractor while she's on the mend) There's 4 survivors from our original flock of 20, 3 years ago.

So me and my sore muscles are back to Seattle and back to work today! Managed to get the boy out for a walk right after nap #1 today, and it was a success! We walked up to Trader Joes, and wandered around the neighborhood for a bit while he had a bottle, made it back home for some down time and 'solid' food before nap #2, no melt down mid walk! yee!

I also wore one of my favorite outfits today! My style is pretty casual, obviously, and I have this great vintage sweater that it's a struggle for me to NOT wear every day. I got it last year on a camping trip Jared and I took to Port Townsend.  I also was able to mix it with my favorite sweat pants too. I try not to wear sweats out too much, since being a nanny can be a slippery slope fashion-wise, I do have a few pairs that aren't too shlubby to mix in.  This top is one of my faves too, it's this super soft muslin-y square necked number with mexican style embroidery=l.o.v.e.
hat: Jessica Simpson, Top: vintage, sweater: vintage, sweat pants: forever 21, wing tips: Dr. Martens

I will be working a full week this week and next week, and I'm really looking forward to it. I can't believe it's almost April already...wowzer

Friday, March 25, 2011

another (partly) sunny day... I'll take it!

TGIF! It's another sunny spring day! Gumby was on the bus this morning...

I also got some pictures of spring flowers on my walk to work...

As most people who know me know, I love vintage clothes. I've had this silly looking gold metallic chain maille-esque sweater that I've never really been able to pull into an outfit successfully.... until today! Here is what I wore...(sorry for the mirror pics, I still have an iphone3 for now...)

 jeans (habitual), sweater (n/t), moccasins (minnetonka): vintage; camisole: tommy jeans; hoodie (1st pic): american apparel; jacket (1st pic): exhiliration; belt: borrowed

I also was able to try another walk with the boy.

I'm not sure how many of them we will be able to get in, since the weather doesn't seem to hold up well enough to walk after the 2nd nap, and when we try to go before nap, the walk always seems to cut into it, leaving him over tired/under slept, so that's kind of a bummer.  I shall be spending the next hour or so trying (more than likely unsuccessfully) to get him to nap.... oh well.

We did go to a park and he took a ride on the swings!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung

 And nothing makes that more apparent here in the Pacific Northwest like crazy weather!  I decided to take advantage of a major sunbreak and take the little boy for a walk, thinking that that would be soothing before nap time. Boy was I wrong! It would seem that he's NOT that kind of boy, and approximately 10 blocks away, he decides he's done and starts screaming as if I'm peeling his toenails off. So there I am, pushing an empty stroller and carrying said boy (all 25 lbs of him) back to the house.
All's quiet now, and although I'm still a bit sweaty, we made it home without any more drama. The house is cleanish, and I will never attempt a walk right before nap, especially without a bottle! ;)

oh, and here's a pic of my new hair cut. whaddya think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

here we go

Hey there all!
Welcome to my Journal/Blog! I've never done this before, but I felt like it might  be cool, so here we go! I'm just going to start this organically (so to speak) and see where we go.
Today is Wednesday! starting mid-next month I will start having wednesdays off, but for now I'm over in seattle with baby Deven and Stella today. I have Abbey with me today as Jared is starting preparations for touring.  Got my hair cut yesterday, for the first time since before my wedding (I think the last time I had short hair was summer 07!) I love it though! (I will post pics soon)
Jared and I spent this last weekend digging up strawberry plants that we will be moving over to our semi-permanent farm in Poulsbo. There are literally thousands of plants, and I'm super stoked to get them in the ground, I'm already dreaming about fresh strawberries!!
anywhoo, I'm hoping this will be a way for me to share about my life, to all who are interested and would like a peek.