Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Colorado, Colorado, Colora-a-a-a-doooo

I just returned from a trip to, you guessed it, Colorado this last weekend. I was there Wednesday-Saturday last week, and it was so much fun! I got there Wednesday night, met up with Jared on Thursday in Denver, who was in town with the band, had a delish brunch all by my self like a big girl,
 best eggs Benedict ever, sorry aunt Vicky

then was able to bring my cousins, and a few of their friends to the show Thursday night at the Fillmore auditorium (it was wonderful, obvi)
 fleet foxes, sold out

Friday I met up with my cousin at the Boulder Bookstore in downtown Boulder (where she works) and we went to an amazing local brewery, introducing me to some fabulous new beers, and simultaneously changing my mind about 'hoppy' beers forever! Now to find it in Washington somewhere...
 enjoyed since 1979, just like me!! 

Saturday we hit the Boulder farmers market, which was great, but it was mother hot, so I ended up only getting a lemonade. We went hiking later that day and I managed to not die, even though it was almost 100 degrees (something my Lily white skin hasn't experienced live in at least 2 years)

 stop frowning! you're going to have wrinkles!

 the top of that mountain is just behind that tree on the left...

Later that night, we went to see on of my favorite bad movies, Point Break, at the outdoor cinema they have in  Boulder.
I had to leave super early to try to catch the first flight out, Sunday, which didn't happen, but i did manage to get on to the next one (4 hours later) since some of the people ahead of me bailed (thankyouverymuch) but we still sat on the plane at the gate for over an hour while they ran some computer diagnostic crap (which is fine, except there was a devil child on board who would not stop shrieking at an unworldly decibel) but finally we were off, and I had a double bloody Mary to celebrate!
A super big thank you to my cousin Christine and her BF Dan for letting me crash on their couch, and taking me to see the sights, and also to my other cousin Bradley who took time out from grad school and being 'the other Bradley Cooper' to hang out with me/us, and his GF Erin, who came hiking and put up with this grandma having to stop every 2 seconds because she's old and lives at sea level ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

skinny bitch

I've never been the cutest/prettiest/coolest/smartest in any group of average girls, but I have been the skinniest. I'm really not saying this to be braggy, and it's really not that great by comparison (no guy outside of Los Angeles or the Fashion/entertainment industry has ever been heard saying, 'I really dig skinny chicks, I don't care how pretty they are' not that I've heard anyway) and it doesn't matter if you're being made fun of because your too fat or too skinny, it hurts either way, trust me.
Anyway, as ubiquitous as the quest for skinny is in the life of the American female, I have to say, I was given a good foundation. We always ate pretty healthy growing up, and I have the physical tendency toward skinniness, even though it doesn't necessarily run in the family. I was(am) never(not) particularly athletic, and not into sports, but always active (and now with the farm, i mean...) and never really gained weight until I was in my mid 20s. At my most unhealthy though, it wouldn't have mattered if I weighed 100 or 1000 lbs, I felt like shit. I was tired all the time, my skin sucked and all of my clothes made me feel like sausage. To contrast that, when we first started farming and getting into more holistic body care(?)(using less chemical stuff, etc) I was doing physical labor most of the day, eating extremely close to the ground (so to speak) and had a killer tan. I may have been dirt poor, but I felt amazing.
I'm currently surfing the space between. I eat more meat than I did a few years ago, and don't always have time to prepare every meal from scratch. I use oil of olay and sometimes even eat (gasp) fast food. I try really hard not to be a totalitarian about any of this stuff, and as strongly as I feel about being healthy, I hate the sound of my own voice and cringe at the memory of the times I've gotten super preachy about it. So, if I ever got on your nerves with my 'down with monsanto' ethos, sorry about that. love ya!
At this point I feel balance is king, all the rest is clanging gongs, ya know?

my 1st lunch today (I usually have 2 small breakfasts and 2 small lunches)

 remains of the yummiest breakfast I ever made

 tuna noodle casserole from (sort of) scratch
before and after