Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm baaaack!

ok, haven't posted in a while, but I'm back! The husby leaves for tour today (although they will be back in a week for two days) and it wraps up the first week of June. It would seem that I have plenty to keep me busy though! lol... There is much farm work to do so I'm crossing all fingers and toes that I get some sunny days off to get this done! 
We are out of the Highway 3 property (woo! Finally!) The last order of business was completed. We had to get out the ground rods for the old electric fence set up we had there, and 6-7 chive plants that we established last year.

We also had to move the truck and some last few things we had to collect. Much thanks to our old (*tear) neighbor Ron for all of his wonderful help. What a great guy!
So all of the focus is on the Lincoln/Stottlemeyer property now. Nigel couldn't handle being across the street from the noisy banty rooster and they proceeded to 'call and answer' each other every morning starting at around 4 am. Thanks much to our long suffering property owners for putting up with his crowy ass for 3 days.  So now that they're in a 'new' spot, I'm hoping they stay in their fence, otherwise Lucy (aka 'killer') the resident golden retriever will be waiting! (haha)
There's also a lot of Asian greens, lettuce, cilantro, and dill to get transplanted. I'm still hooping and covering, using remay instead of plastic for now. Last night I noticed that it had blown off the bok choy I already got in, so this will be the test to see how many bunnies the fence can keep out, they love those greens! 
I should be getting a few days off, the boy and fam are going to visit relatives, so I hope those days are sunny! 
Speaking of the boy... we have made some significant progress! He has 5 going on 8 teeth, and is standing a little here and there all on his own! Very busy little bee over here...
 The Boy

Abbey is also going to be with me every day too, so I'm hoping to find some sweet spots to take her to get her wiggles out. She's a good girl, as long as she gets some exercise, otherwise, MONSTER! And although we like taking walks together as a 3some, I don't usually have the time (read: patience) to take her on daily "walks"
 I may look sweet...
So it's back to the alone schedule... Work and ferry 4 days a week and farm and friends 3 days a week!
 My commute isn't so bad!

I hope you look forward to hearing all about how I spend my time alone! I plan on getting together with a few of my friends I haven't been able to see in a while, and will be watching my favorite movies back to back to back to back as usual..... good times!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

busy busy busy

 The last couple of weeks have been pretty bonkers.  Jared has a show tonight, is leaving for europe tomorrow for a week, then will be home for 5 days before leaving for the US until early June. We've had tons of errands, a memorial service, dentist appointments, and work work work. Our jobs have kept the both of us pretty busy, and although I miss Jared like crazy when he's gone, I'm looking forward to a couple of days alone to decompress and a couple of more days to get everything clean and straightened out, after the craziness that is Jared preparing for tour.  My spring cleaning is long over due and I am very much looking forward to going through all my clothes and restocking my closet spaces. I also need to clean out both of our cars and our entire living space, including the refrigerator and pantry cupboards.
All of our strawberries are planted, all 5400 of them!  I'm very much hoping that next sunday or wednesday is sunny so I can get our greens planted that are ready to go. The chickens keep hopping the fence and eating the starts (grrr) I also need to get the live traps set for the little bunnies that keep risking the shock to hop through the electric fence (double grr). I will be sure to post pictures of my adventures to come. Lots to do!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Today was an awesomely sunny day! I didn't go into the city until this afternoon, so I got to spend the morning transplanting strawberries with jared, 4 rows down, 2 to go! We hope to transplant the rest, and get some most of our other transplants in the ground tomorrow.

 Strawberry Patch

 new transplants hardening off

I also got to take the BI ferry into Seattle, it was gorg!!
 Seattle Piers, to the North of them there ferries

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This weekend was kinda nutty. It was rainy and poury all day on saturday and part of the day on sunday, but mostly massively windy, which equals cold, which I hate. I'm pretty much always cold anyway, so when it's actually cold, it puts me in a foul mood. Jared was not happy an angel tho.  ;)  We seeded some trays of veggie starts, I'm so super stoked to get this season started!
 the row on the left is the starts still on the heat mat waiting to sprout, 
and the ones on the right are already sprouted starts!




 this one's a new one! kholrabi!

 this one's new too, radicchio!

big bag'o strawberries!!

We also spent a few hours putting plastic mulch on the rows where we'll have the strawberries for some time. We tried planting 300 of them 'au naturale' 3 years ago, but found battling the weeds was too much, and they were left much to their own devices, which means we have many more now than we started with. We tend to not use plastic whenever possible (which is hard to do sometimes) but, strawberries only get moved every 3 years or so, so we figured we'd get our money out of the plastic on those. We also realized that after we'd spent much time in the windy rain putting said plastic on rows that we had neglected to lay down the irrigation lines, and they're essential. Blast. So Jared spent most of the day monday peeling up the plastic, laying down the drip lines, and replacing the plastic. He said he got it much tighter too. (Good man)

 if only we'd realized....D'oh!!

 Abbey, patiently waiting...

 injured duck and Henrietta.. 
it's not what it looks like...unless it looks like a stare down
then it's exactly what it looks like

 the rest of the ducks

 dust bath!

 our favorite australorp

Monday, I was in seattle with the boy. It was a pretty rainy dreary day as well, so we mostly stayed in. Tuesday I went over in the afternoon, and it was sunny when I arrived, so I thought a walk would be in order. I packed up the stuff (since you can't go ANYWHERE with a 9 month old for very long without lots of stuff) so we get about a third of the way around the block, and it starts POURING down rain. I'd also had the brilliant idea to bring Stella (the dog) with us. By the time we got all the way around the block, I was soaked, Stella was soaked and stressed out (weather scares her...I don't know) and the boy's blankets were soaked. He literally gave me this look like, "wow, that was fun. O_o" We tried again today, since I needed to make a trip to trader joes (which is about 4 blocks away) and it was much more successful. It had started to shower when we got there, but was back to sunny all the way back home. Done and done!

So as I mentioned earlier, I am always cold/hate being cold, so (kind of) needless to say, I usually wear many layers. Today's outfit is a perfect example of that. I have a ferry/bus/walk situation to and from work every day, so layers are pretty much a, well, must. I also had leg warmers on over my jeans, in addition to my tan thigh length trench and bright red pashmina, it was pretty cold this morning. (I want to say in the mid 40's, and I'm not exaggerating)
Glasses: generic walgreens brand, foster grant?(idk); cardigan: american apparel
shirt: alice temperly for target; t-shirt: swag/merch for ghostland observatory :D
Jeans: max&miley; belt: american eagle; driving mocs: ugg

Friday, April 1, 2011

liquid sunshine

I inadvertently typed 'liquid sunshite' at first, hmmmm ;) It's been dumping rain all day, and I just can't seem to wake up today! I also am appetite free, which is cool, as long as I'm not getting sick. That would suck, we have a big weekend planned. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain the whole time, as we have some strawberries to plant! I will be working all next week as well, so I'm hoping that we can get it all done at once.

Things seem to be better with the boy today, he had kind of a rough one yesterday, completely missed his 2nd nap, thanks to the UPS man who rang the bell (made a sign for today, thankyouverymuch) prompting the dog to bark as well, le sigh.

I also was determined to not post photos of myself every time, but I love today's outfit! I don't usually include my coat in the pic, but I love this one. It was a gift (like yesterday's jacket) and it's a wee bit tight, so I don't wear it much because I don't want to rip it accidentally (since I'm a dork like that).

hat: forever 21, blouse: lc/lauren conrad, cardigan: twelve by twelve, leggings: Sport/Dolce&Gabanna, Coat: Lauren/Ralph Lauren, Boots: mossimo