Thursday, February 2, 2012

resolution update

so it's now been a month since everyone promised to be healthy wealthy and wise (for once!) this year. In the interest of being honest, and to keep myself on track, I'm going to track my progress the best I can, and this is my first update. My plan (if you didn't read it) was/is to:

work out weekly
no more junk food (3 home made meals and 1 snack or high quality restaurant food only)
pack a lunch/snack daily
eat breakfast
drink more green tea
no more regular alcohol (1-2 glasses of wine with dinner, no hard A)
jog with abbey and do yard work at least once a week
monthly massages and pedicures

so, full disclosure, the 'work out' portion never really made it out of the gate, I'm taking walks with Jared and/or Abbey as often as I can in the 'hood, but it's soo coooold! pretty much anything under 60, and I'm inside huddled by the heater with my blanket or cranking the heat/seat warmers in the car while I shiver and dream of warmer climates.
I've done really well with the eating portion. I've only hit the fast food twice since the new year (once because Dicks was like, screaming my name from 100 miles away, and once because, sometimes a greasy breaky sammich is the only thing to chase the hangover blues away) I haven't been snacking on carby nastiness which is a major improvement, and I've managed to only eat lunch out once. I've had breakfast almost every morning. (sometimes I just get up too late on Saturday!) I haven't been able to curb my coffee addiction for green tea, but, you know, baby steps. I have only had wine with dinner at home.
I was able to get most of the yard work I wanted to do before Jared came home. My amazing friend Jillian treated me to a pedi for my b-day, but I wasn't able to squeeze in a massage, better luck next month, back!

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