Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Resolution update: April

As was previously mentioned I have decided to take Lent off from my healthy endeavors. I'm hoping in time to be able to articulate my reasoning behind this move better at a later date, but in preparation for Easter, (when I will be ending my junk food/no exercising binge and doing a quickie 5 day juice cleanse) I am going veggie until then and have begun jogging to get the exercise regime rolling. I'd also like to make some sort of amends for this hiatus by adding to my resolution list. I'm not totally into going to the gym as a source of getting fit, it just seems so limited to me (although, when it's cold and rainy, I'd much rather be indoors, so I get it, and I'm totally not knocking the gym, yo) so in the interest of learning new things, and being slightly more athletic (which, I'm totally NOT) I'd like to at least try the following things this year:
this seems like something I could get into, since there's very little contact, you get a good workout, you can wear  cute skirts still if you want, and yelling is OK. 
now, I'm not going to be going on any crazy cross country-ing, but I would like to at least get a bike, and once I'm in the city again, attempt to ride it here and there instead of taking my car.
This is something that I've gotten more into the last few years, but I absolutely love being in the outdoors when the weather is nice, and would love to do more hiking (and picnicking!)

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