Thursday, April 4, 2013

I read some thing today....

…that has totally helped me with my perspective on a particular issue that has been niggling at me for too long;
“…Dare to pray for an overwhelming sense of love. Not love for the difficult or hurtful situation that has arisen with this person, but love for the soul God created within them. She is His. He loves her. He treasures her even when He doesn’t approve of her actions…” (From “encouragement for today devotional”, ‘consider the source’ by Lysa TerKeurst April 14, 2013)
I swear i didn’t change a word of that quote! it spoke straight to my heart… Love is the only path to forgiveness, and forgiveness is the only way to clean the bitterness and toxicity from my ‘well’ so that what I’m giving to those I love is from a clean, pure, overflowing source. Give from the excess. This is my mantra for today, and the foreseeable future :)

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