Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring has sprung

 And nothing makes that more apparent here in the Pacific Northwest like crazy weather!  I decided to take advantage of a major sunbreak and take the little boy for a walk, thinking that that would be soothing before nap time. Boy was I wrong! It would seem that he's NOT that kind of boy, and approximately 10 blocks away, he decides he's done and starts screaming as if I'm peeling his toenails off. So there I am, pushing an empty stroller and carrying said boy (all 25 lbs of him) back to the house.
All's quiet now, and although I'm still a bit sweaty, we made it home without any more drama. The house is cleanish, and I will never attempt a walk right before nap, especially without a bottle! ;)

oh, and here's a pic of my new hair cut. whaddya think?

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