Thursday, March 31, 2011

my favorite part of spring

So, let it be known, Summer is my favorite season up here in the stage left corner of the US. Spring is usually cold, rainy, windy and sometimes snowy.  However, my favorite part of spring is seeing all the new plant growth, especially flowers! Tulip trees are one of my faves, and I saw one just starting to bloom on my walk to work this morning
 so pretty!!
I also love gifts, I mean, who doesn't? Gifts of clothing can be tricky but when executed precisely, it can be wonderful, which brings me to my jacket today! Jared bought it for me when he was in Europe with Menomena a few years back, and I absolutely love it. It's 3/4 sleeve, burnt orange and has a sort of hippyish flowered trim complete with ties in the front and at the end of the sleeves at the elbow. since it has a unique color, I don't get to wear it much, but I try to work it in whenever I can, and the weather permits (lol)

 jacket: numph, dress and leggings: forever 21, belt: j crew, shoes: Calvin Klein

The boy definitely loves clapping now! It's his new favorite thing, although, he won't do it on command, yet, much to our chagrin ;) It's very serious business to him...

Now we're working on waving, need to get that one down!
I think he's starting to pick up on the fact that solids (baby food) will satiate his hunger as much as a bottle, so he's going along with it a lot more readily. Actual solids on the other hand.... not so much. here's a pic of him having just passed his teething biscuit off to Stella...

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