Friday, April 1, 2011

liquid sunshine

I inadvertently typed 'liquid sunshite' at first, hmmmm ;) It's been dumping rain all day, and I just can't seem to wake up today! I also am appetite free, which is cool, as long as I'm not getting sick. That would suck, we have a big weekend planned. I'm just hoping it doesn't rain the whole time, as we have some strawberries to plant! I will be working all next week as well, so I'm hoping that we can get it all done at once.

Things seem to be better with the boy today, he had kind of a rough one yesterday, completely missed his 2nd nap, thanks to the UPS man who rang the bell (made a sign for today, thankyouverymuch) prompting the dog to bark as well, le sigh.

I also was determined to not post photos of myself every time, but I love today's outfit! I don't usually include my coat in the pic, but I love this one. It was a gift (like yesterday's jacket) and it's a wee bit tight, so I don't wear it much because I don't want to rip it accidentally (since I'm a dork like that).

hat: forever 21, blouse: lc/lauren conrad, cardigan: twelve by twelve, leggings: Sport/Dolce&Gabanna, Coat: Lauren/Ralph Lauren, Boots: mossimo

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