Thursday, April 14, 2011

busy busy busy

 The last couple of weeks have been pretty bonkers.  Jared has a show tonight, is leaving for europe tomorrow for a week, then will be home for 5 days before leaving for the US until early June. We've had tons of errands, a memorial service, dentist appointments, and work work work. Our jobs have kept the both of us pretty busy, and although I miss Jared like crazy when he's gone, I'm looking forward to a couple of days alone to decompress and a couple of more days to get everything clean and straightened out, after the craziness that is Jared preparing for tour.  My spring cleaning is long over due and I am very much looking forward to going through all my clothes and restocking my closet spaces. I also need to clean out both of our cars and our entire living space, including the refrigerator and pantry cupboards.
All of our strawberries are planted, all 5400 of them!  I'm very much hoping that next sunday or wednesday is sunny so I can get our greens planted that are ready to go. The chickens keep hopping the fence and eating the starts (grrr) I also need to get the live traps set for the little bunnies that keep risking the shock to hop through the electric fence (double grr). I will be sure to post pictures of my adventures to come. Lots to do!

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