Monday, May 2, 2011

Hooray for the sunny weekend

Spring is definitely upon us here in the PacNW! It's been beautiful and sunny this last week/weekend, but my allergies have been bothering me in varying levels of severity since last Thursday, and I noticed when Jared and I went to Portland last week (which for some reason didn't make it into my last blog post) that our car was covered in yellow dust. The cedars. wonderful. I love the cedars, but when they pollenate, holy moly. It was worst last thursday, and better ever since. I'm hoping to inundate my system with homeopathic remedies, and lots of sleep and exercise. That usually does the trick for me.
I was able to get a bit of rest this last week/weekend in the midst of getting-ready-for-tour craziness this last month. As I mentioned, we did a mini road trip to Portland last week. It was a whirlwind, there early and back by the evening to move the chickens (which did make it into the last blog, lol shows where my mind is). As for this last weekend I kinda took it easy. Saturday I had dinner with a couple of friends I hadn't seen in too long (we definitely need to make it a monthly thing!) and then spent sunday with my Mom. We went to lunch at one of my favorite places in bremerton, then on to the farm so I could get a little work in.

I got a row of potatoes planted,  hope to get at least one more in that section....fingers crossed for more sunny days!!

my mom played with Abbey, who looks like she got some sweet air a few times! Go Abbster!!

It's rainy today, but I wore my new (to me) supercute summer dress anyway. I decided on a tshirt and faux leather bomber to go with since it's blustery and coldish, and I think I made it work. What do you think?

v-neck t-shirt: Old Navy; Dress: vintage (Ebay store: ebay store: that makes me feel pretty); Jacket: xhilaration; loavers: Tods

Jared is back in seattle today and tomorrow for two nights of shows in town, then back on the road. My current Jared-is-away movie obsession is breakfast at Tiffanys... I think I might be scared if I actually knew how many times I've watched it so far! ;)

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