Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been a while

So a lot has taken place in the last few weeks since I last posted. I had plans to get the garden started, but ended up hurting my back pretty bad, actually, probably the worst injury I've had this far in my life. boo. So I've been resting up ever since, and haven't been able to get the garden started at all. Thank God we got the strawberries in when we did! There are some berries starting to make their way out, but it's been pretty cold so far this year, which was a major bummer last year, so I'm really just  trying not to stress about it, and not be sad when I see other people's gardens. ;) I'm more and more glad that we're not committed to the markets, and that we're focusing on 'regular' work for now. Jared's been touring for a few weeks but was home the last 2 weeks, so we took the opportunity to go out to Port Townsend for the day,

 We hiked from Fort Warden to Point no point with Abbey. We found some beautiful rocks and even a few pieces of sea glass. it was really great!

  We also went camping, something we haven't done since last year. We decided to go out to the San Juan islands, Jared had never been up there, and it has been like, 15 years since I've been there myself.

We stayed at Moran state park, which had awesome hiking and camping

We also saw this, which is pretty much one of the most awesome things ever...

so that's pretty much where we're at now! jared's leaving on sunday for 5 weeks, but I've got chelsea handler and sarah silverman to keep me company...

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