Monday, August 8, 2011


I feel like I've been writing this blog post for weeks, or well, I guess I have, actually.  I was recently reading something on one of my favorite random essay sites about the different types of feminists. While it was written heavy with sarcasm, it made a/some good points. I think that most women now a days are feminists, or think of themselves as such, even if they wouldn't say it out loud (due to the way they look at the word 'feminist'). The part of this particular essay that got me thinking was, when it was referring to a particular type of feminist,  it said that 'they' (being the type of feminist they were referring to) among other things "believe in feminism because women are equal and everyone should love each other" and all though this statement was among other kind of silly funny things, I found myself thinking about this statement a lot. I mean, isn't the true point of subscribing to any sort of 'ism' to highlight something or a group of people who have been marginalized and by lending your voice champion their cause in some way that at least raises awareness to their need? I feel that its in my heart to treat others as equals, no matter their age, gender, or any other thing that distinguishes them from other people. It does seem like kind of a quaint notion to think that people actually live like that, since it's nearly impossible, but its still a nice thought. I like to believe there's a part of me that's (hopefully) growing that feels that it might not be that hard. I believe in potential, and I know that we all have it in us to actually think of others first (and by others, I mean outside of your immediate family or friend group) and not just focus on superficial things all the time, no matter how fun or immediately satisfying it is at the time. Oh, and just so we're clear about how much I love that site that I linked to earlier in this post, here's a GREAT essay on feminism written by a man, that pretty much says what I'm trying to say HERE. (you took the words right out of my mouth AGAIN Ryan O'Connell! I swear we were separated at birth or something...)

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