Monday, August 22, 2011

Husby's home!!

 I'm so glad to have Jared home safe! He was only gone 3 weeks this time, but this last trip was a bit harrowing for him. Most of the time when he's in Europe, I don't hear from him much due to the time change. This time, I'm glad he was keeping me informed, since there were riots in London (the city he flew into, the riots started the day he got there) and the band he works for was scheduled to play at the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium the night that the terrible storm hit. He said the storm hit right as they had finished setting up their gear for sound check around 6pm and it hit like a switch going off. They had to quickly tear all their gear down and get it packed up so that none of it was destroyed (they were successful, due to the fact that Jared is CRAZY and not really afraid of anything physical, which, according to him, included standing in a sideways rainstorm holding an industrial drier in order to dry off the cover for the audio console that they had brought while everyone else was running for their lives) 71 people were injured to varied degrees, and 5 people confirmed dead (3 died at the scene) here's a link  to the news story and some pictures. There's a couple of pictures there that show the trees that were uprooted, the tent where Jared was setting up was directly on the other side of where that happened, and one of their guitar techs was like, 4 feet away from the trees as they came down. cray cray.
So he's home now, and will be for the next 16 days. Fortunately for me, he'll be in the US for the next run, so you will see me at both paramount shows here in Seattle, and at the Austin city limits festival, if they'll have me, of course. :)

*UPDATE: Jared informs me that in addition to it being the CRAZIEST storm he's ever seen, the entire duration of the storm was LESS THAN 2 MINUTES. woah.

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