Friday, December 2, 2011

Jared's home!

Jared is back from Europe tonight and will be home through Christmas, and I'm so glad! We have a lot of transition happening right now, and I'm really needing him here to help me get things squared away and make some of the big decisions. Abbey has grown increasingly aggressive due to the fact that she's not fixed yet. We wanted to hold off until she was 3, which she is now, and we're really in no position to be breeding her, so that's one decision I hope doesn't take too long to come to (my opinion: snip snip little one! get ready for head cone pics!)
Also, we need to finish getting the farm stuff buttoned up, and we will definitely need a bigger storage unit if that's the case, but do we stay at the current place, or look for a cheaper/better place elsewhere? decisions decisions...
I hope to get these issues as well as a few others cleared up over the next few weeks...stay tuned!

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