Monday, November 28, 2011

Portland bound

Me and my mom took a road trip this weekend! My mom has been wanting to go to Astoria/Portland for a while (Jared and I visit Portland as often as we can) and I've been wanting a road trip, so we decided to make a weekend of it. Our first was Astoria. We actually stayed in Warrenton, but it's like, 10 min. away, so whatevs...
We spent the first day heading down there, and the next day bumming around Astoria. We stopped at a great coffee place, and a little shop that was very inspiring. I got a great idea for a gift and we saw these super cute Christmas decorations. I'll be trying this some day soon...

 We even drove past the Goonies house! (goonies never say die!!)

Then we drove into Portland where we stayed at the Jupiter (which is a part of the Doug Fir). Jared and I have stayed there before and I liked it, plus, they're dog friendly, which we needed since Abbey was with us.

We went to Screen Door for dinner. They don't do reservations, and there's always a line at least a half hour before the doors open, so it's usually best to get there late, (8:30-9) but we were hungry from the drive, so we got there about, 5:45, and had to wait an hour, but we had drinks and chatted with the other waiting people, so it wasn't so bad. The food was beyond, as usual! I'll be eating the left overs well into this week! All in all a great weekend.

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