Monday, March 25, 2013

Random and Sunday

Random is definitely the best one word description of my Friday and Saturday last. After work on Friday I had plans to meet up with a friend, (which turned into two friends actually, yay!) and just as we were settling in to have some good eats with our drinks, and a rather large group of people came in carrying bags and boxes. We were like, 'okay...' Especially when they start moving the tables around and we hear them mention a PA. (yeah.) We were still pretty 'whatevs' especially since we relocated to a booth that was across the room from the apparently impending hubbub. Then they pull out clip boards. At this point, we're like, 'let's wrap this up and take it to another venue, yes?' and we down our drinks and pay our tab just as they fire up the PA and start up with their spiel which I think had something to do with politics. They did ask me to sign something as I was escaping, but I just whined something about it being a rough week and he left me alone. The rest of the night was normal, had a couple more drinks at the regular watering hole, then met up with my sister and her bf at an awesome meats place and had a beer(!) and went home kinda early. We had plans to go hiking on Saturday so I wanted to make sure I got enough sleep.
It hadn't really occurred to me that it had been snowing in the area we were planning to hike, so I was a bit surprised when we got to our supposed hiking destination and it was not really there, due to about 3-4 feet of snow (boo). Fortunately the group I was with was just as easygoing as me about the situation, so we played in the snow until our feet were frozen. We then decided to head back and check out the reptile zoo and BBQ that we passed on the way in. (Yes, you read that right.)
We decided to eat first, so we head down to the BBQ, which is situated in two school buses. One is where you place your order and they make it, the other is where the magic happens. We take a seat in the dining (magic) bus which has been renovated to resemble a dining room. It also has hundreds of those alphabet magnets to give you something to do while you wait for the deliciousness to descend. I had the brisket sammy, macaroni salad and a big ole pickle. It did not disappoint.
We then went to the reptile zoo (open 365 days a year!!) and wow. They have the 10 most venomous snakes, as well as dozens of other creepy crawlies. I'm pretty sure at one point there was a half baked plan in our party to liberate the crocodile, but I'm guessing it didn't pan out....
Later Saturday night I went to an Easter fiesta where we dined on nachos and margs whilst decorating hard boiled eggs. And yes, it was awesome.
Sunday was pretty much like it usually is. Had brunch, cleaned my place, vegged out and went to karaoke. It was my friend's night off, so he wore his sunglasses inside, and apparently started a trend....

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