Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Eggs and Strawberries!

I was super bummed I didn't get the garden up and going before I hurt my back, but summer is making such a slow approach this year, I might not be too late after all, and I definitely want to get a jump on some over wintering.
Currently we have strawberries and eggs! I had mentioned in an earlier post that I wasn't sure if the strawberries would produce this year, and they very much are! yay! I absolutely love fresh strawberries, so I'm so super excited!

Here's a few pics, Eggs, fresh from the nest, and our modest 'farm stand' (AKA  "the blue cooler")

 here's the strawberry field, a few strawberries on the vine, and fresh picked!!

I also have a small row of potatoes going (that's a surprise volunteer to the left there) and some Italian culinary sage that overwintered, and is now flowering with pretty purple flowers! (the chickens lay their eggs in there sometimes too! :)

I never got my chives planted, but they seemed to do pretty well in the wheelbarrow ;)

the bunnies are back too! caught this one with the camera as it was getting away...

Whenever I start to get bummed about our short growing season here, I catch a glimpse of something beautiful that makes me grateful for the place I live...

Anyway, I'm hoping to get some tomatoes and a few other things going in the green house, but I'd also like to get beets, carrots, and greens going for over wintering in one of the green houses as well. Lots of work to do and plants to pick up! hope the farmers market is still brimming with viable starts like it was a couple of weeks ago, fingies crossed!!

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