Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Abbey update

Abbey had her surgery on Friday, she is also now up to date on her shots. yay!  Also, I had to order her a new name tag (her other one broke about a week ago) so that's on its way! word to the wise; go with stainless steel or brass for those things. the aluminum and plastic ones you get from those machines are $h%*ty!  Anyway, if you live in the Seattle area, the spay and neuter clinic in shoreline is the best, and, like, half the price of what Abbey's puppy vet wanted to charge. Amazeballs!!

She slept the whole day on Saturday after her surgery,
you can even see her little shaved belly and stitches!

I've definitely noticed a difference in her behavior once her heat had wrapped up, it turns out she had a false pregnancy, so the extra hormones had contributed to her irritability. She seems to be on the mend, still a little short on patience, but she hasn't been out to run in a while now! They said no running or jumping for a week, yikes! She was able to easily share space with children and other dogs without getting growly or defensive, so I'm hoping to put a new exercise regime in place so that will hopefully go away. She's still barky, but that probably won't go away ;)

I love her so much, she's such a sweet dog and I just want her to be at her best, I'm hoping that this will just curb her enthusiasm a bit, ya know? ;)

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