Friday, January 6, 2012


There's this place in the oregon rainforest called 'Prehistoric Gardens' and it is equal parts awesome and cheesy. It's been there for 50 years. The dinosaur replicas are to scale (from measurements taken from actual dinosaur installations in museums) and were created from steel frames/mesh and then HAND SCULPTED with concrete. pretty cool. They're also hand painted every few years. pretty cheesy. pretty much, I loved it. They also have a fully stocked gift shop, I didn't get a picture of that though...

yes, that's a huge hole

yes, it's lying on the ground. what you don't see, is that I'm taking this from a bridge, and there's a stream directly to the right. yeah.

and in case you worried that they might be real or something, there was this sign to bring things back into perspective and remind you that we were, in fact, still in southern oregon...
and all that's left is this sign....sigh...

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