Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Day

Full disclosure: it hardly ever snows in Seattle. Being extremely close to the water has that advantage. Therefore, when it does, it's kind of a cluster fudge around here. Also, where I live in Bremerton, being even closer to the water, it really never snows. So cut to a two weekends ago, I headed out to run some errands and then go over to the 'main land' to go to a party in the evening. after my Kitsap peninsula errands I headed over on the ferry to find that it had snowed an inch or two over in Seattle and the other main land areas, enough to be entertaining but not extremely treacherous in my little Honda civic. However, once I arrived back at my moms to collect my dog and head home, everything had iced over, and stayed that way through the entire next day, ratcheting up the treachery to an unsafe level. So subsequently, what I had intended to be a quick day trip turned into a 3 day ordeal. I headed home Monday evening and did an hour or so of yard work (since it still hadn't snowed at all at my house) before calling it a day and heading inside.

I love me a good day or two of sitting around and doing absolutely nothing, but after a day or two I kinda start to go crazy, so I'm glad I got some work in after all.

Then last Wednesday, The snow came in full force! I ended up stuck at my mom's house again and after a full day of just sitting around, I decided to brave the streets to the ferry, and almost took out two urban campers on the way! When I finally arrived home, it was clear that Thursday was going to be a stay at home day as well. Friday morning it was much warmer and raining, so I decided to 'dig' my way up the driveway (which basically consisted of me scooping the snow/ice that was left out of the way with a super huge metal dust pan) and made my way to work. Things have pretty much gone back to normal since then. there's still lingering snow/ice here and there, but not really on the roads. However our signature winter rain is in full effect!

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