Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chickens and strawberries, chickens and strawberries...and ducks

This last weekend I started digging the strawberry plants. We will be leaving one row for the property owners, and the rest we will attempt to sell.
We had one family out to dig last saturday, and I managed to pull 200 (or so) before it started raining/got dark. I hope to pull more on sunday, I'm just hoping to get most of them out before it freezes too hard!
We also sold our first 5 birds to one of our former CSA families. I hope they bring them much joy and eggs in the coming months and years. I also have a friend who would like 3, and received an email about someone interested in possibly taking 11 more. 16 to go!
I've also found a home for our ducks at a (reletively) nearby dairy who already has a small flock of the same breed. fingers crossed that they will  get along with the rest of the flock.

So in the mean time, I'll still be commuting. One direction for the farm,

 nannying in the other...

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