Friday, November 18, 2011

full disclosure: I'm a dorky fan girl

Breaking dawn part one comes out this weekend!!! I originally read the Twilight series because I'd found out that my youngest sister was reading it. I had heard some buzz about it (this was before I was aware of a movie deal) and I wanted to be sure my sister (who was like, 11 at the time) wasn't being inducted into some weird teen vampire cult. TOO LATE! The books we're an easy enough read, and I appreciated the earnest style that she writes in (the critics I know find it tedious but whatever) I also liked her unique take on the whole vampire lore (this was before true blood, vampire diaries, etc) and by the time I got to the last book, I was sold. (in all truth, that last book is a total guilty pleasure of mine now, I could read it over and over, I totally stole it from my sister!)
suffice to say, once the movies came out, the 12 year old girl in me was all giddy, and fortunately for me, I'm not the only one in my circle(s) that agrees. I'll be seeing it tonight with my mom, and tomorrow for a matinee with fellow fan girls friends. Tonight we'll be having dinner at a ridiculously fabulous restaurant, and tomorrow will be at big picture, which serves drinks (helloooo bloody Mary!!)
I have to admit, I"m pretty jazzed...

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