Monday, November 7, 2011


Jared and I had an awesome night out before he left for Europe. We had dinner at an awesome farm to table restaurant called Sitka and Spruce in Seattle, and went bowling at the Garage after.

I drank a bit too much that night, so after he left, I decided to try a cleanse. I heard about it originally on Lauren Conrad's website (scoff if you like, but the girl has some gems on her site, and is incredibly real for a 'reality' star, you should check it out here). I did the Kaeng Raeng 3 day cleanse and I was pleasantly surprised. I was definitely never hungry, and only seemed to crave cheese (since its a vegan/raw cleanse, you're only allowed the shakes they provide, pure teas, juices, and raw fruits and veggies.) The shake is soy based, which I have a little bit of intolerance to, so I made sure to drink plenty of green tea and other anti-inflammatory fruits and veggies like blueberries and pomegranate. I ended it a couple of days ago and have noticed a difference in my appetite level, and I'm much more sensitive to gluten than I was before. I'm interested to see if it will have any sort of lasting effect.

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