Thursday, February 12, 2015

Early work weekend

I usually work sat/sun/mon which I've deemed my "work weekend". This week and next week I'm filling in for a co-worker on Friday so my work weekend will be starting early. This work weekend auntie Jillian will be watching them on Friday also in addition to Monday, like they normally do. They will be hanging with papa while daddy goes to look at new (to us) cars (yay!) and they'll be with daddy on Sunday as per usual.
I managed to get caught up on almost all my housework for the week, the boys had solids for both breakfast (eggs, apples and maple toast)

and lunch (avocado, cut up string cheese, and bread)

For dinner, I swapped out the butter chicken I had planned for the gnocchi gratin w/ bacon and home made garlic bechamel that I had planned for tomorrow. (The butter chicken needed to go in the crock pot and I didn't get started earlier, oops!)

Happy weekend everyone!

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