Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Susie homemaker

Busy day over here at the mad house! I make a chore list at the beginning of the week so I can keep track of what's been done and when.

Template here:

As you can tell, a lot gets kicked down the week, but sometimes that's just the way it goes, especially with these two close behind....

I did manage to get dinner in the crock pot (potato leek soup with ham and barley & home made Rosemary bread!)

Soup here: I didn't do low fat though, and I subbed heavy cream for the condensed milk and half and half, and used leftover spiral cut ham instead of Canadian bacon. I also put in a few sprigs of lemon thyme instead of dried thyme.

Bread here: I added Rosemary.

I also got some almond milk started, and some potatoes steamed and frozen for the boys' meals. They're doing better and better with solids, Hunter still manages to dump his plate every time though! They had bananas with yogurt, and toast with a little maple syrup for breakfast, banana sammies and steamed apples for lunch, and steamed carrots & peas and rice cake for dinner and puréed pears for dessert!
Also managed to get these turkeys in the bath!

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