Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday play date and baking

Today the boys met a new friend for a play date and we had a fabulous time!

Me and my friend had been looking forward to getting our little munchkins together, and it finally worked out, they got along great! Can't wait to do it again!!

I had meals delivered last week so I could get our menu back on track. With all the birthday craziness and extra work shifts, dinner was slipping, but I got my game back this week. We had our last blue apron meal on Monday, and I made Chicken cordon bleu on Tuesday and spaghetti with meat sauce tonight. We have corned beef scheduled for tomorrow, and we're having paella with the neighbors on Saturday, should be fun!

I decided to try and get back on the healthy track, and made some granola tonight.

Cherry almond coconut

Blueberry cashew coconut

Can't wait to try it with some yogurt tomorrow morning! 

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