Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Twin eats/craft day (a day late)

The twins are eating all solids now, and are making the transition to cows milk. They get a 4 oz bottle after every meal, and formula at night. They're only waking up 1-2 times at night and usually only want a bottle once. Here's a sampling of this week's meals:

Chicken, cheese, carrots, peas and potato

Cheesy eggs and maple toast

Chick peas, cheese, naan

Naan cheese and spinach 'pizza', Apple

Cheesy eggs, toast, plums

Avocado, Cheerios, bananas

Chicken, carrots, apples

Mac and cheese, peas, carrots

These two little chuckleheads napped through gymboree time, so we'll probably try again on Friday.

didn't get to a craft yesterday, but I did do one this evening.  I made coasters for Christmas presents this year, and I decided to make some for us too!

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