Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What day is it??

Happy hump day everyone! I've been so mixed up schedule wise this week! I missed the boys' wellness visit yesterday (DUH!) but was able to reschedule it so it was ok.
We're still down one car, and Dave needed the other one, so we weren't able to go to gymboree this week. We were going to try a level 3 class, so we're going to try for next week.
The boys have tried a few new things, here's a sample of their meals this week:

Bananas, rice cake, cheese and avocado; quesadilla with avocado and bell pepper and plums; peanut butter and honey sammies with grapes and apple juice; turkey sammies (with honey mustard and cheddar), plums and banana chips; spaghetti

Both of the boys are really scooting around army crawl style and Hunter is pulling up on everything!

Finn's starting to go for it too!

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